Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rushing to the end of the Year

A fierce December is truly upon us now; there has been a sprinkling of snow and bitterly cold temperatures hovering around 18F/-7C. Black ice on the roads was quite dangerous for a day, but has currently cleared in my area. Tonight we are forecast to have our temperatures drop to 4F/-15C, but no further snowfall until Friday.

The weekend after Thanksgiving, brought unusually mild weather with (60F/15C) temperatures and lovely sunshine. Yard inspiration struck and we did a mow and mulch of the the lawn & raked leaves onto the front gardens for a protective winter blanket. The rogue Queen Elizabeth rose, which had separated from its trellis last windstorm, was tied and anchored without serious injury given its huge thorns (nicknamed the "waving wands of death"). The final less risky job was hanging the outdoor ornaments across the front porch, beneath a single strand of LED Christmas lights. Given the current weather conditions, I am certainly glad we got these chores done then!

Venturing into my own front yard was the extent of my jaunt into the world though, as I completely avoided the shopping madness associated with Black Friday sales. I puttered around the house happily working on lots of little chores; like knitting those soon to be gifted Christmas items, dicing the last of Thanksgiving turkey into bits for soup, addressing holiday cards and organizing closets. 

My homefront efficiency has increased significantly, since I am still off work, recovering from knee surgery. I seem to come up with a new to-do list daily. Thrice weekly physical therapy is most helpful and a therapeutic leg massage has made a world of difference in knee stiffness, but my mobility is still impaired. I think it will be prudent to take the whole amount of recovery time allotted.

Truly there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to complete all the items lingering on my lists, exercise and tidy up. I marvel at how many activities I had let slide when I was working. I think I will be very busy when I return to work and start university classes in January. Happy Holidays to all!

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