Wednesday, December 25, 2013

*Happy Christmas*

Things are winding down here, I engineer the holiday to be free of headaches; no last minute shopping and no massive cooking efforts. I spent Christmas eve doing a little light cleaning and making dinner reservations at our local Thai Kitchen. Since I normally work for a major shipping firm (post knee surgery I missed this year's holiday rush), the Christmas holiday is hectic enough at work. I don't need hectic at home, so I have crafted a mellow holiday routine.

Our neighborhood has a Christmas eve tradition of lining all the streets with candles set in either jars, white paper bags or gallon milk jugs. It looks lovely at street level and must be absolutely gorgeous viewed from above. We got ours out & lit, edging the yard, then drove around looking at the rest of the neighbors' luminaires. Later, we placed our gifts for each other in colored baskets beneath the tree. Val is busily completing the last two knitted items she is gifting in less than twelve hours.

Ah, Christmas morning... No longer the crack of dawn early rush of little ones, I was awakened by Emma Beagle around 9am. The snow has melted and although we had temps into the single digits it is above freezing this morning. Simply a grey foggy morning, even the atmosphere outdoors seems very quiet. It's a contemplative time to have my cup of tea.

Once everyone had crawled out from under their duvets, we enjoyed a leisurely morning, brunching on Val's homemade waffles. Emma & Wendy each got a Christmas-y decorated dog cookie which they politely took then greedily crunched up, happy dogs. We ooh-ed & aah-ed over each others' gifts. Everyone had made at least one gift for each other. Jim had taken a jewelry class at the community college and crafted the most charming items for the three women he lives with. Val finished her knitted items by 4am, some beer cosies and a lovely cable purse for me! I hope to photo and include the instructions in a post soon. Books, music, yarn and art supplies were happily given & received. I've got the pot roast simmering in my cast iron dutch oven, so we will share a hearty meal later.

Blessings to all for a wonderful Christmas with family & friends!

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