Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ah ha moment

A lovely Dahlia
Well, in a momentary flash of brilliance I realized I have been learning & finally, acknowledging a life lesson from my trials on the job. I have an ego problem. I feel horrible when I am not treated with the respect I think I deserve. This fact certainly puts a different focus on the stressful changes our manager is inflicting on the department. It is not about me personally, everyone is afflicted, which I knew anyway, but overall, our manager doesn't care a hoot about any of us individually. She just wants the department to run, so she looks good. Yeah, ego abounds...  It's actually easier to work under these conditions now, since I am not acting like a sponge and taking in all the abuse personally. Funny, how we forget that life lesson hurdles are not all leapt by mid-life, our polishing continues.

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