Thursday, August 22, 2013


Have you ever tried a solution to a problem, on a lark or out of sheer desperation, that initially seemed questionable or ridiculous? I'm referencing solutions out of your usual mindset, perhaps irrational or smacking of "old wives tale" folklore. Well,  fortunately not too often do the tried and true solutions fail, but I think it is quite mind expanding to go out on a limb and re-think your approach to an issue. Wonder is a sensation all too lacking in our daily lives.

I have been dealing with back pain for about six months, I have a sacroiliac joint space that tends to shift. I also work at a job which requires I lift approximately 15,000 lbs. (6803 kg) per shift, five nights a week. Anyway, I followed my usual remedies: massage 2x month, chiropractor visits, regular doses of anti-inflammatory meds, Icy Hot muscle cream, Epsom salt baths and lots, seriously lots of water. From these initial treatments I got some relief, as well as further instructions regarding stretches, ice application and wearing a back belt at work for support. The situation was improving but I still had a lingering, nagging pain which was really wearing me down. Let's just say aging is not easy and the reminder of said aging/wear & tear by constant pain, really bugs me. Even though I was being diligent with the positive behaviors, and I know healing takes time especially when I continue to stress my back nightly at work, I just wanted
to feel better faster.

I read on Pinterest, a carnelian stone can help with low back pain and arthritis. Whoa! Weird but interesting and I just so happen to have a couple of carnelian discs with holes in the middle that I bought in Santa Fe, New Mexico years ago. Originally these 1" diameter discs were going to be earrings, but they were too heavy for my pierced ears. Anyway, I found them in the bottom of my jewelry box, looped one on a string and tied it around my waist. I have been wearing the carnelian day and night excluding work. I feel better! Actually I felt better within 24hours of tying on the stone. Am I amazed?! Definitely. Could this be something akin to the placebo effect? Possibly, but if it works I guess I don't care.

So now I'm thinking... There are many amazing and unusual things in the world. Unfortunately, it is very easy in our rational culture to make a habit of initially discounting these odd occurrences. Instead, perhaps we should allow for a bit of magic or mystery by believing and participating in the wonder of it. It's a refreshing childlike state of mind, definitely an invigorating change up from my usual assumptions. Kind of makes me feel young again, although the lack of back pain doesn't hurt either. Ha Ha. So here's my salute to open-mindedness and the joy of baffled wonderment, may we often be participants!

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