Friday, August 16, 2013

It's a crochet summer

Knitting has not been working for me this summer. I have felt like I am plodding along with two sticks, so I have switched it up and am zipping through a crochet project meant to be a Christmas present. Oh no, I mentioned the "C" word... Well, it's only, count 'em, 4 months away! I cannot stand the rampant commercialism which surrounds holidays here in the USA, so I try to make a few special gifts in advance of the marketing madness.

As I was scrolling through Pinterest, (yes, I still pin, but happily the novelty is waning) my daughter saw a lacy shawl she really liked; so I pinned it, later discovering it had a free pattern. Wahoo!  The Oasis Wrap through Caron Yarns by Kim Guzman is working up very nicely after I got the hang of the modified single crochet base row. I love the continuous crocheting in the oval and the pattern repeats are easy, just be sure to count them out. Here's the site if you are inspired to take on a new project 

I did not use the yarn recommended, as it doesn't seem to be available in my area. I substituted a Lion Brand acrylic, Heartland version, color #105 Glacier Bay, which I purchased at Jo-Ann's Fabric & Craft Store. Normally I am a wool only knitter, but my daughter will certainly throw this item in the washer, so I am circumventing destruction. For the most part this yarn has been fairly easy to work with, although it tends to split if you aren't paying attention. I found I preferred to use a bamboo ChaioGoo hook rather than a metal one as the yarn was easier to control. I am currently starting row 9 with only two more to go to completion.

I'm thinking this has been such a fun & quick project that the crochet-a-thon will continue. I have been hankering to use a lovely skein of Jitterbug merino in #28 Pink Tweed that has been lingering in my yarn stash for about a year. Another crochet shawl has caught my eye, the Elise Shawl on Ravelry (free pattern) and it only requires approximately 400yds. Take a peek at it here  I'm looking forward to trying some wooly lace in anticipation of those chilly autumn mornings.

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