Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spice it up

I planted a new type of basil this year. I have always planted Sweet basil or Genovese basil because I love the flavor, but this broad leaf herb tends to sunburn and bolt to flower in our Missouri heat. On a whim this May, I picked up some Thai Basil seed at the farm store and scattered it at the edge of my garden near a cherry tomato plant. Wow! This basil is a terrific performer, growing about nine inches (23cm) tall, with non-bolting, purple tipped leaves and terrific flavor raw or cooked. Next season, Thai basil will be replacing most of my sweet basil plants throughout the garden. For more info check it out here  Should have known our climate works for Southeast Asian herbs.... It pays to experiment in the garden there are some disappointments but the excellent surprises more than make up for them. Gardening experience only comes with time & trials. Well, am off to saute some portobella mushrooms with Thai basil for dinner.

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