Monday, August 26, 2013


(L to R)  Mortgage lifter, German pink, Roma, Husky cherry
The tomato harvest is continuing to increase and the family is loving it. A feast for the senses happens every time you pop a sun warm, seconds ago picked tomato into your mouth. We planted five tomato varieties this season: Yellow pear, Husky cherry, Roma and two heirlooms, German pink and Mortgage lifter.  The yellow pear tomato came on first and produced a dozen tomatoes a day, but after about a forty-five days it wilted and died. The other miniature tomato, the Husky cherry always has tons of green fruit but it only ripens about four a day. Those tasty sweet fruits never make it into the house, we consider them picker's reward.

Our couple of Roma plants set fruit early and continued to produce lots of thin-skinned, two inch tomatoes. They have an average tomato flavor, enhanced by salt and are perfect for green salads & hand snacking. The heirloom variety, German Pink was slower to set fruit and ripen but definitely worth the wait! These are softer, thin-skinned, meaty and sweet, by far the family favorite. The heirloom variety, Mortgage lifter tomatoes were green a long time before ripening and even red ones are a needing a strong tug to pick. This tomato is a bit more acidic in flavor but pairs nicely with a slice of Parmesan cheese and salt.

We've been eating so many fresh tomatoes out of the garden, I am not sure homemade spaghetti sauce will happen this season. It has been a fun and interesting garden experiment to taste the differences in the tomato varieties. In contrast the commercial monoculture of store bought tomatoes clearly leaves a lot to be desired. I have to agree with the organic foodies that the quality of seasonally grown food is better food overall.

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