Monday, March 10, 2014

Another cuppa

As you may know by now, I like my cuppa tea. Nothing like a stout cup or two every morning to start the day. I have long dreamed of someday having an pipeline kitchen system from which I can get a fresh cuppa by just a turn of a wall spigot. Perfectly steeped and hot! But dreamworld aside, I almost have perfected such a system with my favorite morning tea mug and a formerly considered, tiny teapot.

I started going nuts over Boleslawiec Polish Pottery about three years ago when it started showing up at my local TJMaxx. The bubble mugs were thick and patterned in attractive hand stamped designs. It took a while to get matching pairs but eventually I did, as well as some wonderful bowls and a butter keeper. The tiny teapot was a birthday gift that lived in my cupboard until recently, because on occasion I just don't use my resources effectively. I had this "oh, cute little, impractical pretty teapot, you are not big enough for my morning slug of tea," thought process going.

Well, as it became harder to refresh after sleep due to this long, cold winter; I was definitely sipping two full bubble mugs (16 oz.capacity) to shake off hibernation mode, it dawned on me to use the tiny teapot. So instead of crankily waiting for my second boil up, I just filled the electric kettle full once and use a teabag each for the tiny teapot and a full bubble mug. I'd be munching my raisin toast at the table, slurping down the first mug o'tea and then, completely refill the mug with the tiny teapot! How perfect can you get?! Those Polish potters at Boleslawiec Pottery had this mastered, unfortunately, it took me a couple of years to figure this out. Well, duh, it's morning and I need my caffeine... Lovely stuff this pottery and now I'm no longer cranky waiting for the second cuppa to brew.

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