Saturday, March 15, 2014


Headlamp on for nite cooking!
In an effort to capitalize on the lovely Spring-like weather, sunny and 70F/21C, today is our first barbeque of the year. Tonight we fired up the grill for some beer brats and roast veggies. I threw together our favorite summer potato salad and with a few adult beverages we had a lovely St. Patrick's weekend grill out. I splurged on six store bought festive green cupcakes and we called it a celebration.

It was such a pleasant low key day. I trundled around the gardens with my trog and shovel initially looking for bulb shoots, then, dug up about six iris plants that were growing too close to the house foundation. Yes, I know they should be transplanted in the Fall but knee surgery impacted my yard duties. Actually, I have moved iris plants in the Spring before and as long as it is early enough, meaning the shoots are less than 6" tall they transplant well, blooming normally.

Sunday we are anticipating rain, sleet and snow, of course. So no regrets about the early barbeque.

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