Friday, March 14, 2014

Demolition begins

A little sunshine definitely pumps up energy levels. We've had several 70-80 degree days with sun, which simply rejuvenates your whole world outlook.

I've taken a hammer and a pry bar to the tile in the half bathroom. Remember I smashed a hole in the sink? See tho old post here Yes, it has taken 3 months to start any progress but I've been saving, comparison pricing and getting some decorating ideas on Pinterest. I've decided on beadboard to replace the half tiled walls and for cost/simplicity sake I am going to use the prefab & primed 8'x4' sheets from the home improvement store. I'll call Handyman Todd to pull the infamous sink hole sink and the toilet, so we can get the wall covering up. Should be an interesting weekend.

Right now, I'm taking a break for pie, peach specifically as today is the unofficial, but not forgotten Pi Day (you know the math formula, 3.1415). I know, any excuse for deliciousness...

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