Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring progress

Perhaps springtime is now... The star magnolia has just started to bloom and it's fragrance is heavenly. The hyacinths and daffodils are also starting to open. Yesterday was a cold 45F/7C and a bit gloomy but today was a sunny, encouraging 65F/18C. The yellow climbing rose is now pruned and attached to a new PVC trellis. I am considering changing the plantings in the part shade/sun island in front of the porch. This area has become a haphazard accumulation of random homeless plants and I need to determine a focus point for our front entryway area.  A lot of seasonal yard chores are beginning to weigh on me, especially the raking and trimming; I've got to remember "baby steps" will get it all done. Although, I do occasionally dream of having a yard crew at my beck & call, just for a few days... everything would get done much more promptly.

Spring knitting has been in hand regularly, the "Frankenstein" sock #1 is completed and fits well. The second sock is about three inches of potential. A friend asked me how long it took me to knit a sock and I had to admit I didn't know, so I'm timing "Frankenstein" sock #2. At my current rate, it seems I'm knitting about an inch an hour! Well, a fast knitter I am not... Also, I'm easily distracted but it will be interesting to give a time frame to this project; more baby steps.

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