Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Handy little headlamp

As a joke, my son gifted Val & I with headlamps a while ago. He said we would be able to knit during a tornado or a power outage. He likes the survival perspective, having lived through such circumstances at a college dormitory, where no one had a single flashlight. Val & I sort of rolled our eyes and thanked him for his gift but we had no idea how many amazing uses we would find for our new headlamps.

As you can see from the last posting, Val is using her headlamp for nighttime barbequing. We have also decided you can knit in bed using the headlamp, as long as you aren't too tired, not to mention read. Of course you wake up with a funny red spot on your forehead from the foam backing on the headlamp and possibly dead batteries, but really a small inconvenience.

There are tons of uses for this headlamp! Like finding stuff under the bed, looking into a dark auto engine (I don't know what we look for, but we always look under the hood before going to the garage), finding that single missing shoe in the bottom of the closet, for evening walks and camping trips, as well as navigating safely in a power outage.

 My headlamp currently lives in my knitting bag at my bedside, close at hand. The longer we have these little lamps the more uses we find for them. The hands free, well lit viewing is great and as an added bonus, the lamp part tilts to accommodate lighting needs at awkward angles. They cost about $13 and come with name brand batteries. Well worth the investment if you consider the cost of electricity utilized by that lamp you left on, all night, at your bedside...

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