Monday, March 10, 2014


OH! What a beautiful day, it's 71F/21C! I am trying not to hope that Spring has started, in case we really do get the snow predicted for Wednesday, crushing my joyous spirit. This has been one dragging long winter, but today it didn't matter, I sat on the porch nearly sun blind & sweating with a knitting project in hand. Not a single green leaf in sight but ohh the warmth. I just had to go poking around the gardens looking for some signs of life, even a mere shoot giving the dream of Spring some proof. I found it! Some crocus spikes, up an inch under their leafy mulch. Wha--hoo! Doin' a little Springy dance here in the front yard...

Such a good mood day... I wore a sparkly turquoise shrug with capris and sandals, so I was making turquoise rainbows on the walls when the sun glinted off my sequins. Just happy, happy. The dogs were sunning themselves on the patio stones sans coats and we were all just grinning.The doors and some windows were opened with abandon and the furnace didn't run once. 

I have got sparkles on the mind. I don't usually knit with beaded yarns but I received this skein for Christmas and it was so cheerful and springy I had to start the accompanying shawlette pattern, even though my socks aren't done yet. The yarn is Tiara by Hikoo (kid mohair, wool, acrylic) in color #008 which is a soft yellow green with sequins and clear glass beads. The pattern is inside the label. I just received my new bamboo Addi size 11/40 inch (8mm/100cm) circular needle for this project from the online FiberWild site, . What a terrific bamboo needle! So smooth and the brass join between needle and cable is flawless, simply slick. This was the perfect knitting project to start today. I wish you could see the tiny sequins and beads more clearly, click on the picture to see if that shows them off better. Otherwise, definitely check this yarn out at your favorite yarn store. It is a bit pricey ($30), but one skein is all you need for the shawlette. So I'm off knitting & whistling a happy tune for this most glorious of days.

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